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Aplicativos pwa Inicialmente pensado para mobile, os Progressive Web Apps oferecem a experiência usuário perfeita, ao trazer o desenvolvimento móvel para todas as telas.Os Progressive Web Apps são multi-plataforma. Eles se adaptam perfeitamente a qualquer...


eyecare EYE CARE+ is a progressive web application created to help reduce eye strains. We often stare at our mobile or desktop screens for a long time without blinking, this causes dry eyes and straining. The app is designed to alert at a set interval to suggest you should take a short break or flex your eye muscles. On mobile devices it is set to 5 minutes, and on desktops it is set to 20 minutes. 0.6242503


PAW_RailIndiaTweet Progressive Web App - From Mobile : Launches Twitter App (if installed); From Desktop : Tweets using ...


Polyonic An Electron Ionic application shell for creating Web Apps, Progressive Mobile Web Apps, Native Mobile Apps and Desktop Apps. 2.1727362


PWAify 🖥 Brings Progressive Web App to your desktop. 12.814708


Progressive web apps github samples