Progressive web apps github samples

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Progressive web apps github samples material

gdgacademy This program aims to encourage developers to utilize codelab materials available to enhance their developer skills. By making the experience fun and challenging, this program hopes to enable developers to self-learn Google Technologies such as Android, Firebase, Polymer, Progressive Web Apps and more. 0.8991131


XerCoach A browser-based exercise coaching app, using MAterial Bootstrap, with intention for turining into a progressive web app. 1.3267885


service-worker-material-design-lite Getting started with progressive web apps I - using service worker with material design lite 1.7979906


webdocs a progressive web app that leverages the power of tesseract.js and Materialize 1.9961157


ngIO16 Real-time messaging Progressive Web App for Google IO 2016 (Angular Mobile Toolkit + AngularFire2 + Angular Material 2) 1.849505


react-pwa Material Design Progressive Web App starter kit 5.780729


ud811 Course materials for Udacity''s Intro to Progressive Web Apps course at 12.017113


pwas-on-firebase Demos and related material for Google I/O Progressive Web Apps on Firebase talk. 8.864278


progressive-web-app-template Starting point for building Progressive Web Apps based on Polymer & Material Design with motto #UseThePlatform. 24.997414


roadshow Materials, Slides and examples for Progressive Web App 101 Roadshows 1.8067646


Progressive web apps github samples