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Building a StencilJS PWA for

Web components are the next big wave in web / app development and in this live stream we are going to build our new site live to show their power. We will be using StencilJS to help build web components, Ionic Core for UI, and good ole fashioned JavaScript.If you are new to web development then you might not have the toolings required to follow along, but no worries we made a video that will walk you through it. RESOURCES ===StencilJShttps://stenciljs...

PWA + AMP = Easy for Users and Developers Alike (GDD India '17)

PWAs enable app-like experiences on mobile web. AMP makes the web fast for users and simple for developers. Put those together and you’ve got an easy way to build a fast, beautiful, immersive web app. You can fit existing AMP content into a PWA experience! In this vidoe, Ben Morss shows you how to build a PWA/AMP without a single JavaScript framework.Watch more Mobile Web and Chrome talks from GDD India `17 here: out the ‘All Sessions’ playlist for the rest of the talks...

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