Progressive web apps github samples - Top 10 Benefits of a Progressive Web App (PWA) to Your Business

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Top 10 Benefits of a Progressive Web App (PWA) to Your Business


Harness the power of a progressive web app for your business today

Discover 10 benefits of progressive web apps in your marketing mix:

1. Easy to navigate just like an app but is accessed online
2. Can be installed to your customer home screen with your app icon
3. Indexed by Google so it can be found in searches
4. Features like loyalty and food ordering keeps customers engaged unlike websites
5. Stays up to date behind the scenes while on your device
6. Works well on devices of all sizes
7. Sharable so can be accessed via URL or QR code
8. Friction free experience launches instantly with no app store downloads or updates
9. Significantly faster than most websites and technology is still improving
10. Get the benefits of an app without developer fees and software bug headaches


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Progressive web apps github samples